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Times of the Gentiles 10-17-2013

In Daniel chapter 7, the prophet himself has a dream, in which he sees four strange animals. This dream parallels that found Daniel chapter 2, but this vision sees world history from a heavenly perspective.

Times of The Gentiles 10-16-2013

Daniel’s interpretation of the “Dream of the Statue” deals with both past fulfillment and future events. This has important ramifications for our own times. Daniel chapter 2, part 3.

Times of the Gentiles 10-15-2013

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is revealed by God’s prophet Daniel in this second part of Daniel chapter 2. A giant statue represents four world empires through which God will carry out His plan of the ages.

The Lord’s Day 10-9-2013

The Lord’s Day is not “the Christian sabbath.” It is unique to this dispensation of grace. 2 Corinthians 5 is the text that will help us understand new creation truth.

The Sabbath 10-8-2013

The Sabbath is a type of the “rest” from dead works which is found in Christ. The church is never commanded to observe the Sabbath, as was Israel, and is in fact instructed that the Sabbath was a shadow of the reality, Christ.

The Sabbath 10-7-2013

The Sabbath was given to Israel as the sign of the Mosaic covenant. It was never given to the gentiles or the church.

Specifics of Worship 10-4-2013

Acts 2:41-42 gives us some specifics of the worship experience of the new believers. The church is made up of the body of Christ. They assembled together many of them met from house to house in private homes. They were continually devoting themselves to:

  • The Apostles teaching or doctrine-today we have the written Word of God, the Bible
  • Fellowship-they shared what they had in common by giving to the needs of others, participating in the activities of fellowship. This was based on their common belief in Jesus Christ.
  • Breaking of Bread-observing the Lord’s Supper
  • Prayer
  • In Colossians, believers are encouraged to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to benefit each other
  • There is also the command in Hebrews 10:24-26, to assemble together in order to stimulate God’s love and good works in others