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Evolution: Earth and Sky

The evolutionary hypothesis proposes interstellar bodies before the formation of planets, especially earth, with water falling to cool a hot planet, followed by the spontaneous eruption of life from non-life. The Bible directly contradicts the evolutionary timeline.

Evolution: Light and Space

The first and second days of creation according to the Bible involved immense creative acts. Light and space are brought into being by the command of God! This cannot be reconciled with evolution, if the Bible is understood as normal language communication.

Evolution: The Beginning

That evolution cannot be made compatible with the record of the Bible can be seen in the first two verses of Genesis. In contrast to evolutionary hypothesis, the earth is created before the universe, and is covered with water from the beginning!

Evolution: 6 Days

Evolution has become so pervasive in western culture and Christendom that it must be addressed separately from the other isms. The six days of creation recorded in Genesis are demonstrably normal days and cannot be reconciled with evolution.