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God and the Creation of Man

The world as originally created was far different than it is today. It was a perfect world, and into this world God created and placed a perfect man.

God and the Very Good Creation

The closing verses of Genesis 1 pronounce the creative work of God to be “very good.” The opening verses of Genesis 2 declare God’s creative work ended; evolution and the Bible cannot both be true, since evolution requires an ongoing, never-ending “creation.”

God of Earth Life

The Sixth Day of Creation saw the formation of land dwelling creatures. Most important, the crown of God’s creative work, man, is seen to be a unique work of God, with a unique purpose.

God of Universe, Marine and Avian Life

On the fourth day of creation, God populates the universe with stars — evolution and the Bible are totally incompatible. Marine and avian life are brought into existence on Day Five.

God of Earth and Seas

God separates waters and earth and causes vegetation to grow. He is a God Who plans and prepares carefully for the culmination of His creation, man.

God of Light and Space

God speaks light and space into existence. His immensity and power are no more evident than in these creative acts.

God Creator of Heaven and Earth

No more profound statement can be found in Scripture than “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Nearly all the attributes of God are contained in this verse.


The translation we use reflects our view of inspiration, and will influence our interpretation of the Bible. This lesson will conclude interpretive studies from Nehemiah 8 and provide tips for choosing a good translation of the Bible.

Expositional Interpretation

Nehemiah 8 gives us an example of the right way and purpose of interpretation: to expound the word of God in such a way that all may understand and worship the God of the Word!

Dispensational Interpretation

The Apostle Paul instructs Timothy (1 Timothy 1:3-7) concerning the dangers of false doctrines. Dispensational awareness provides the cure for legalism.