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Written Revelation, Psalm 119:137-149

God’s righteousness (His “right-ness”) is revealed in the Scriptures, and causes us to desire righteousness in ourselves. This desire then drives us to call upon God for deliverance.

Written Revelation, Psalm 119:119-136

The word of the Lord produces the fear of the Lord, a much needed mindset for our day. God’s word, being always right, causes us to despise that which is false; we walk in the light of the word of God, our understanding is no longer darkened.

Written Revelation, Psalm 119:105-118

The importance of the word of God in guiding the believer in Christ in his daily walk cannot be overestimated. Likewise, the Scriptures sustain us in the face of the opposition of the enemy.

Written Revelation, Psalm 119:101-104

In this lesson, we learn the necessity for the Author of the Bible to teach us His word. Then we may discover the “sweetness” of the word of God and will discern and discard that which is false.

Written Revelation, Psalm 119:98-102

Verses 89 to 105 are perhaps the heart of Psalm 119. In the portion under consideration in this lesson, superior wisdom and discernment are the result of the word of God. The Scriptures are the personal of God Himself to the believer, and result in a superior intellectual and moral life.

Written Revelation, Psalm 119:89-98

Psalm 119 assures us that the Bible is a book with heavenly origin. As such, it is “settled” and certain. We should love the word of God as we love the God of the word.

Written Revelation, Psalm 119:77-88

Enemies are resisted as we “wait” for the word of God (Ps. 119:81). Revival of soul and spirit follow faith in the words of Scripture (Ps. 119:88)

Written Revelation, Psalm 119:65-76

Psalm 119 is all about the value and power of the word of God! In this study, discover the purpose of afflictions in your life, as revealed by the Scriptures.