About Rick Hofmeister

Pastor Rick HofmeisterRick Hofmeister was born in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1950. He was saved at the age of ten and attended public schools until being accepted at Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham AL in 1968.

There he met Shelia Tidwell; they were married in 1971 and blessed with three children through 1977. In the late ‘70s they were living in northern Alabama, where Rick worked as a forest ranger, and served as chaplain for a jail ministry. While with the forestry department, he was led of the Lord to return to school in preparation for pastoral ministry.

He graduated with a BA in 1990, and an MA degree in 1994. In May of 1990, Rick was called to Grace Bible Church, Valdosta GA, where he has served as pastor ever since.

Encouraged by church and family, he teaches a Bible class each week at the ACV retirement community in Dowling Park, FL and began the Sound Doctrine program on WAFT radio, now heard locally at 101.1 FM and worldwide at waft.org.

Pastor Rick is a member of the IFCA International; he and Shelia have six grandchildren.

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