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Sin: Confession

Confession is the cure for sin in the life of a Christian. But many euphemisms have replaced “sin” in the pseudo-confessions of people today. David’s psalm of confession corrects this error.

Sin Defined

Sin is what God says it is, not what man supposes or invents. God’s definition of sin is missing the mark, stepping over the line, failure to believe Him (Rom. 3:23, 1 John 3:4, Heb.3:12).

Sin’s Judgment

In a relatively short time sin had so permeated the human race and filled the earth with violence that judgment had to follow. Genesis 6 records God’s judgment of the Flood that scoured the earth.

Immediate Results of Sin

Genesis 3 records some immediate results of sin by Adam and Eve. Their relationship with God was instantly broken and they recognized their nakedness. Their fellowship with Christ was shattered and they tried to hide from Him.